Reiki Healing Santa Fe NM

Ancestors & Astrology

We carry the traits and DNA of our ancestors including their unresolved cultural, emotional and familial issues. We can work together to identify these “samskaras” (genetic and ancestral patterns) which have a disruptive influence on your life. Even if your ancestors have reincarnated or gone on to another plane, the energetic impression or memory may be troubling and/or there still may be an identifiable ancestor personality who is pestering you specifically to help them heal and pass over or reincarnate at a higher level.

Sometimes we have obstacles in our own lives and those obstacles are a clue to an ancestral kriya (“crying out”).  We would begin our work together with a consultation and identify if it is an ancestral situation that needs to be dealt with. The first step in this important work is to build an ancestor altar, which Gaia will help you create and encourage you to maintain.

Make no mistake: what happened in your lineage before this moment is alive in your aura, subtle body or energy field today. Unhealed emotional wounds of the womenfolk in your clan or victimization due to race, ethnicity or culture as well as personal personality wounds can be part of what is making you ill today. As you make peace with these energies, situations, soul-wounds, you will find that you now have more energy to do the things which you find creative and fulfilling; you might have a stronger sense of peace with Higher Power and a softer walk on this earth.

Sometimes Gaia gets a clear picture of an ancestral personality and sometimes it is a grouping of energy. Sometimes direct communication between Gaia and the spirit energy can be cathartic and healing, and sometimes the ancestral altar is the main polestar for  healing. Sometimes you may need to do ritual, take a trip to a grave stone or do some work in the meditative state.

Ultimately, love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness become the working forces in your relationship with the ancestors and hence in your life. There might be a ritual for the severing of residual energies between you and the energetic of the ancestor(s) but usually the influence of love & forgiveness supplant the need for ritualistic resolution.

The word astrology means knowledge of the stars; I view the stars and planets as a map of the karmic vibrations within and among each and every one of u.  This map has a center and that is the Sun: it is our essence, where and how we shine our light. I have my Sun Sign in the 8th house. Ergo, I shine a light on things of the occult nature, death, sex and the like. My Sun is in Aries so I fearlessly and willfully take on that role.

A horoscope is a an instrument for viewing; it is the map given to us by Mother Universe revealing the karmas we brought into this world by way of our time and place of birth. We can gain valuable insights and remedial measure about you, your life, your current challenges from reading an astrology chart.