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Am I Flexible Enough For Yoga Classes?

Yoga with Gaia works with your whole being: body, breath, mind and spirit. It is not about turning yourself into a pretzel. No matter how flexible or inflexible your body is, working with movement and breath will support your healing. Gaia’s forte is in meeting you where you are at.

“Gaia’s classes are always fun and her ability to meet me where I am is outstanding. I love her classes and took from her for four years in Minneapolis.” Suzanne N., Minneapolis (now age 80)

At our Five Tibetans class, we engage in five simple exercises. We have chairs available and oddles of ways to modify the exercises.

Is Yoga a Religion?

Yoga as a Spiritual Path – whether or not you are physically flexible, you can come to yoga and walk on the path of yoga as a spiritual path. Yoga means “joined together,” from the Sanskrit root “yug,” which means to unity. You are a yogi if you are practicing principles which serve to unify your body, mind, spirit and all aspects of your experience.

Not a religion. People of many paths practice yoga. The physical exercises of yoga, called “asana” help balance the glandular system and help the body function like a well-tuned automobile. Many practice yoga meditation to commune deeply with the One. Religious or not, most of us are drawn to yoga because we seek growth experiences and personal transformation.

Harmonious Living. We do yoga and we get a result: an ongoing and progressively more joyous state of harmony and a life filled with the gifts of living in an evolved consciousness. The average person lives inside of a mental or emotional wind storm. Some cannot tell fantasy from memory, delusion from imagination, depression from being psychotic and that way of life is normal for so many of us. Anger, jealousy, grief, fear, and guilt are frequently surrendered to as being part of living.

Surprise! When we practice yoga consistently — no matter our physical flexibility or not — we discover periods of freedom from the turbulence. Small and subtle changes occur and we sometimes overlook these gifts of serenity, but when we recall what we used to be like, we recommit and dedicate ourselves to our yoga practice.

Teacher, student, student Teacher. A good teacher who can help you practice correctly and thrive is also a true gift. Some of us were born to teach yoga, to walk the spiritual path and to assist others on theirs.

Kinds of Yoga include Bhakti Yoga — or devotional yoga — which is a wonderful path for those seeking emotional fulfillment or for the opportunity to turn emotion to devotion. Christians are Bhakti Yogis and the Hare Krishnas are as well. A Bhakti yogi can be from any religion or none at all but there is a cracking open of the heart which gives the yogi a continual flow of awareness between herself and the Source of all of us.

Bhakti Yogis sometimes feel as if they are one with their Source or else they are crying out for that oneness. Both the experience of the Source and the crying out are expressions of the bhakti yogi.

Some people like to serve, to work, to be useful. Karma Yoga is a path of yoga that has nothing to do with exercises or asana but reflects the universal law of cause and effect. Indeed, for every action there is a reaction and the Karma Yogi strives to originate her thoughts and behaviors in such a way that the reaction is beneficial to herself and her world and Source. The surrendering of selfish gains is a principle of the Karma Yogi.

Along the path we frequently cultivate a wisdom and that is called Jnana Yoga. When we engage first in sivasana or pratayhara where we withdraw the mind and emotions from sense mentality, we begin to be able to meditate and gain clarity. We walk in this wisdom and we practice Jnana Yoga.

Speaking of the Mind, we come to Raj or Raja Yoga and Meditation. Raj might mean “bliss,” and “king.” When we focus our minds and our lives on the Source and we behave accordingly, we may be practicing Raj or Raja Yoga. The third eye is an important touchstone for the Raja Yogi because when it is opened properly, everything else becomes balanced. The sense of well-being can be transmitted to others through intention. Such is the benefit of the awareness opened in the third eye coupled with a devoted spiritual path.

Chanting a word or phrase until the mind and emotions are transcended is called Mantra Yoga. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om is a great start. Sa-Ta-Na-Ma helps to quiet the brain and help it sort out the confusion. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krisha Hare Hare is a devotional mantra that draw into existence the supreme energy of Krishna.

Kundalini yoga is sometimes considered a distinct yoga although it generally considered to be the “Mother of All Yogas,” involving a beautiful mix of raja, hatha, tantra, laya and meditation. Yogi Bhajan taught us how to stimulate the spiritual life force at the base of the spine (called Kundalini) in a safe a systematic way while simultaneously raising our consciousness to an elevated state.

Is Blue Earth Healing Affiliated with Any One Spiritual Tradition?

Gaia and the healers at Blue Earth Healing Center recognize and honor the same Divine Light in all spiritual traditions. We have a network of spiritual elders from a range of backgrounds. Every path is respected here. We do not condone or condemn any spiritual or religious practice.

It Astrology Fortune Telling?

We believe that astrology is a tool for understanding the journey of the sou, a God-given form of wisdom and communication. This art dates back over a thousand years. It taps into what Carl Jung described as the “Collective Unconscious.” Astrology offers archetypal mirrors through which we can see our lives at the deepest levels. Gaia is committed to using these tools to serve a person’s highest consciousness. Ultimately, the future is what people create through their choices today.

Are the Traditions Offered through Blue Earth Healing Safe?

Sometimes there can be misinformation about the unfamiliar. If you are new to these traditions, you may have heard that the “Kundalini is dangerous” or that “African priests are scary.” It is important to trust your intuition when picking the classes or events that you would like to participate in. At the same time, the myths about some of these spiritual practices are far away from reality. We encourage you to try something new and different, and to ask as many questions as you need in order to feel secure about your choices.

How Does Gaia Work with People?

Gaia has studied many different types of spiritual-based healing. She works one-on-one to identify the aspects of your life where you need the most support. Then, she draws on a range of tools to give you what you need. You can also request a specific type of healing from her. For instance, you can call to schedule a Reiki treatment or an Astrology reading. She is available to work with you both ways – guiding a holistic healing process, or providing a requested service.

Gaia – Whole-Life Healer in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Schedule an intro $15 (plus gross receipts tax of $1.13 = $16.13) ten-minute telephone consultation TODAY with Gaia, and begin the process of restoring yourself to wholeness.

Our lives are a complete, organic experience. Events always create ripple effects through our entire being. Having trouble in a relationship now? It may trace back to a pattern from your ancestors. Feeling emotionally imbalanced? Your navel center might need some special breathing techniques. Gaia’s gift is to look at your whole being, and work with you to create whole-life healing.

“Gaia, thank you for your heart. I totally feel you to be an angel of ancient wisdom and goodwill….” Susan S., Santa Fe Artist