Reiki Healing Santa Fe NM

Reiki is a system or advanced technology of energy healing in which the practitioner opens herself as a conduit for universal life force energy, an energy that massages the client at the cellular level. One benefit of a formal Reiki session over massage is that you can keep your clothes on and no messy oils or lotions need to be used. Many have described the effects of a reiki session as a “cellular massage,” and a “softening of the self, a melting of the brittleness.”

In a formal Reiki session (as differentiated from an Energy Healing session), universal life force energy has been transmitted by a Reiki Master to the practitioner and that in turn flows out of the practitioner’s hands onto and into the client. Reiki can be applied over a broad area by the practitioner moving her hands away from the client or it can be directed intensively into a specific area by bringing the hands close in.

A series of symbols are used by the practitioner which have actually been psychically or energetically embedded or attuned into the practitioner. Gaia believes that the symbols gain efficacy when more and more people tune into the symbol for their Reiki practice. We are all connected. Sometimes, we have physical problems that are given a diagnosis but in truth they are a virus, an energetic or a subtle body virus, and enough of us have to heal before one of us can heal. So by receiving Reiki you are helping others to heal, you are adding to the collective wellspring and you are adding juice to the collective symbology of Reiki.

A hands-on Reiki session can be done while you are seated on a chair and may last 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes. For a longer session, it is best to book an appointment and take your place on a table, allowing 30, 45 or 60 minutes or more for a session. Reiki can be combined harmoniously with other modalities. Oftentimes the client and/or the practitioner will receive psychic impressions and see imprints left on the client from past lives or current life events. This is not unusual and discussion of what is seen can be useful in the healing process.

You may feel heat or a cold heat coming out of your practitioner’s hands; that is the Reiki “turning on.” When you don’t feel the heat or cold heat, there is still activity, just not as dynamic or demanded by you on a subtle level at that given moment.

Rarely are there adverse effects from Reiki. Sometimes a person will get anxious but usually it is a lovely, relaxing experience. Sometimes a wound may heal too quickly if Reiki is applied. This occurred with Gaia during a Reiki training session in California in the late ’90s. She was teaching a workshop, went out to the trunk of her car to get some supplies, and the trunk lid fell on her head, lacerating her and trapping her there. When the students came out to see what had caused the delay, they agreed to do Reiki on her while transporting her to the hospital. The hospital surgeon saw Gaia in a few minutes and scolded her: “You should not have waited so long to seek medical treatment for this; the wound has already begun healing.”

“But Doctor,” she cried, “The wound just occurred!”

“No, ma’am. That wound has been healing already for a couple of days.” Was the doctor’s reply.

So, other than bringing about transformative, expedited healing, Reiki is pretty innocuous.

The Five Reiki Principles – Use these consistently or whenever you need to be recalibrated

Just for Today:

  • I will not be angry
  • I will not worry
  • I will be grateful
  • I will do my work honestly
  • I will be kind to every living thing