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MISSION STATEMENT: To help create true auspiciousness in the world by offering opportunities for people to expand their consciousness by interacting with spiritual folks of many cultures and ideas, and especially by giving our community the chance to participate in Saṅkīrtan, a method of yoga specifically empowered for the modern world.

Blue Earth Healing – “Let us help shine a light on your path.”

  • Heal the wounds that block you from feeling whole and being who you are meant to be
  • Activate your power to create positive change
  • Connect with others on the same journey

At Blue Earth Healing we are dedicated to the idea that each of us has a specific purpose for living. The search for and realization of that purpose is what brings meaning into our lives. Embracing this search is the key step in living a life of health, well-being and prosperity.

Real and positive change has to be organic. Have you ever tried changing external circumstances only to find you are still in the same boat? Same thought patterns, same types of dysfunctional relationships, same old, same old script with different actors.

Real change takes real work and that is precisely why we created Blue Earth Healing Center. Blue is the color that hovers over the heads of groups of people who meditate for focused periods of time when they have reached a place of unified soul-energy. Blue is the color of the aura of the Earth when it is operating in harmony with its inhabitants, and vice verse. Blue is the color of the aura of doctors, nurses and other healers you see when you enter a hospital.

“I highly recommend Gaia Genevieve Richards. My last two readings were absolutely spot on. I have known her since she was in second grade. I have always trusted her and her intuitive gifts. Especially since I live and work in field of logic and law. It is so great that I have a friend with Gaia’s gifts. Don’t miss out. A reading in the fall, just like fall cleaning, a great way to clean you physical and emotional house; or before the New Year, to start 2016 fresh and focused.” – Mary Stratton, Retired Attorney, Minneapolis, MN

Yes, we can see auras, energy patterns, past life impressions. Yes, we can feel when others are out of balance. In the yoga world and world of healing arts we don’t worry about shame and blame and the stories we carry. What we look for is a flow of energy, a proper flow of energy. Energy going out and connecting with others, energy coming in. We look for the flow of energy in our own beings and flow of energy with other beings. We look for the flow of energy. We correct it if it is askew, and we connect you to your Soul, to others, to life.

You don’t ever have to walk alone again. Unless you want to.
“During a time of transition I decided to have an astrological reading with Gaia. I have had many in my life, though often with one open cynical eye, and indeed have sometimes found readers to be either unknowledgeable or “packaged”. This was not the case with Gaia. From the start her expertise was evident. Gaia has the ability to thoroughly explain the theoretical foundation upon which she bases her reading, and my analytical mind was immediately impressed by this. Her reading was thorough and complex, and Gaia was receptive to all my questions with a knowledgeable mind and an open heart. Indeed, I found Gaia to be a peaceful, grounded, genuine, professional — and excited about the gift she has to offer. I would recommend Gaia for an astrological reading happily and without hesitation.” — Geena Thomas, LIWS

Blue Earth Healing is centrally located in the South Capitol area of Santa Fe, New Mexico near Body of Santa Fe and the Center for Spiritual Living. We offer a beautiful healing space to support you and help shine a light on your path on all levels: Body, Mind, Spirit, Community & Nature. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to renew and restore your Self and walk the path your soul intended.

BLUE EARTH HEALING OFFERS TAROT & ASTROLOGY READINGS BEGINNING AT ONLY $35. Give Gaia a call at 505 982-6868 to schedule your reading before the holidays!

Blue Earth Healing also offers SACRED SONG AND KUNDALINI YOGA:
SACRED SONG (also known as Kirtan): Every Tuesday from 4:30pm till 6:00pm, join your neighbors at Blue Earth Healing for a session of Sacred Song. Although casual, it is very deep and devotional. You don’t have to have any experience and you don’t need to sing well. Kirtan sessions are followed by tasty vegetarian or vegan food. Donations of $15 or more allow us to provide gluten free prasad (spiritually infused food) and to pay for the space each week. No one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.

KUNDALINI YOGA: Every Wednesday from 12:00noon till 1:10pm come and join us for Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Music & Meditation. The exercises are adapted from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to make it accessible for older folks and those of us with physical challenges. $20 per session, SLIDING SCALE of $8-$22).


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